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Founder & CEO of Bitcoin Well. Since Adam found bitcoin in 2013 he has been passionate about making it accessible and understood. Recently, Adam's attention has shifted towards making bitcoin usable. Future-proof your money at

Why we bid farewell to Visa Debit

Background Visa Debit As you know, our mission is to enable independence. This mission is made possible in part by the Bitcoin Portal which allows you to buy, sell and use bitcoin all within your control. Bitcoin in your sole custody. The Bitcoin Portal was officially launched in November 2022, but there was a period …

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Protect yourself against scams!

Don’t send anyone bitcoin! Many fraudsters use tricks and intimidation to try to make you part with your hard earned money. Your hard earned bitcoin. We’ve seen a lot of these during our 10+ years in bitcoin. I am writing this to urge you to please read through this list, be on the lookout for …

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Securely buy Bitcoin in Canada and enjoy non-custodial control over your bitcoin. Explore the benefits of owning and holding Bitcoin independently with our trusted platform.

How to make a bitcoin wallet

Stepping into the world of Bitcoin starts with setting up a Bitcoin wallet. This beginner’s guide offers a step-by-step walkthrough on how to create a mobile Bitcoin wallet using Blue Wallet.

Binance Alternatives in Canada

Binance is leaving Canada – is that actually good?

Binance’s departure from Canada leaves a significant gap in the crypto marketplace, but it might not be entirely negative. The exit creates an opportunity for non-custodial platforms and better education on trading cryptocurrencies.

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