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Use cash to buy bitcoin at Bitcoin ATMs across Canada! Where privacy meets convenience.

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It’s easy to use a Bitcoin ATM

Feature 1
Scan your bitcoin address

Once at a Bitcoin ATM, you can use any bitcoin wallet for your purchase order. No identity verification necessary, just tell us where to send the bitcoin.

Feature 2
Insert cash

Buy bitcoin with cash in any denomination. Transactions are virtually limitless and instant. You can also insert cash to fund your Bitcoin Well Portal account.

Feature 3
Receive bitcoin

Get real bitcoin, directly to your wallet, without sharing your private information. We are non-custodial, so we will never offer to hold your bitcoin for you.

No account required

Walk up and buy bitcoin! Keep your information to yourself and buy up to $995 before you need to verify yourself with a phone number or identity verification.

Account-free ATM

Host a Bitcoin ATM in your store

Let us play a role in your bitcoin journey. If you would like to host a Bitcoin ATM and encourage Bitcoiners to visit your store to buy bitcoin, please get in touch with our team.

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