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Bitcoin is revolutionizing finance as the internet did communication—enhancing accessibility and control. Since 2013, we’ve committed our efforts to a financial world that couples the convenience of modern banking, with the benefits of bitcoin.

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Automatic self-custody with Bitcoin Well

We empower you to interact directly with the Bitcoin protocol, much like how your email provider connects you with the SMTP protocol. We are your bitcoin provider.

This means your bitcoin is in your control at all times. This is called self custody.

Your bitcoin is safer in self-custody. You can only unlock the true potential of Bitcoin when your coins are safely held in your control, and not in someone else’s wallet.

Our mission is to Enable Independence. This means we have a higher calling to ensure that all the bitcoin we sell are sent to the rightful owners, and we educate our customers on how that works. If you are curious about using bitcoin the way it was intended, start with the Bitcoin Academy. If you are ready to start or continue your self custody bitcoin journey, start using Bitcoin Well.

The origin story

Adam O’Brien started Bitcoin Well (then Bitcoin Solutions) as a way to make bitcoin accessible. He started with Bitcoin ATMs by launching Alberta and then Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATMs in 2014. From there the Bitcoin ATM network grew in Western Canada, and Adam was focused on making bitcoin as easy to acquire as possible while making sure bitcoin was always immediately transferred into the customer’s personal bitcoin wallet.

After growing the network for 5 years, Bitcoin Solutions made its first acquisition in Eastern Canada. We acquired 10 machines and relationships that allowed us to expand across the Country. We became a coast-to-coast Bitcoin ATM network, still with a keen emphasis on automatic self-custody.

After acquiring 8 other Bitcoin ATM networks, Bitcoin Solutions changed its name to Bitcoin Well and went public on the TSXV as the world’s first publicly traded non-custodial bitcoin platform.

Why Bitcoin Well? A “well” was one of the first initiatives required when settling into new territory. It is the giver of water. The life source. We look at our company as the “well of independence”. Independence, as a life source, is a crucial part of your life, and that is our sole purpose. Also, the double entendre of “Bitcoin good” was too good for Adam’s quirky sense of humor to pass up.

After successfully listing on the public markets, Bitcoin Well launched the Bitcoin Portal. An online platform that allowed people to buy, sell, and use bitcoin with the same emphasis on self-custody. Today, the Bitcoin Portal is live in Canada and USA and is changing the way people look at their bitcoin, and the way they acquire bitcoin.

Adam, and the team at Bitcoin Well, will not rest until the entire world can benefit from the most influential asset this world has ever seen. They will not rest until the entire world has bitcoin in self-custody.

Welcome to Bitcoin Well, the place to future-proof your money.

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We look forward to working alongside you, to enable independence.

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