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Use your bitcoin to pay bills and buy gift cards directly from your self-custody. We make it easy to live on a bitcoin standard.

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How does it work?

Once you add the payee to your Bitcoin Well Account, we will assign a bitcoin address to that payee. All bitcoin sent to that bitcoin address will be automatically converted into dollars and sent to the payee. Payees can include credit cards, power bills, or virtually any bill you might need to pay!

    Embrace the bitcoin standard

    Using your bitcoin to pay bills and credit cards is the first step towards fully embracing a bitcoin standard! This means you can earn and keep your income in bitcoin, and use it to fund your lifestyle. Most importantly, you can hold your bitcoin, in your control, throughout the entire process.

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    *Canada for now

    Lite Accounts; to protect your privacy

    You can pay your bills and credit cards with a Lite Account. Lite Accounts (email address and password) can be used to make transactions up to $950.

    • A Lite Account can make as many transactions as they like, as long as they are less than a total of $3,000 per day.
    • Lite Accounts have a 2% spread. No other fees.

    Buy your favorite gift cards

    Spend bitcoin at your favorite store regardless of if they accept bitcoin. Buy a gift card with bitcoin from over 500 brands! You’ll receive it straight to your inbox after one confirmation.

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    Benefits of using bitcoin with Bitcoin Well


    Self-custody focused

    Keep your bitcoin safely in your wallet! No need to fund a balance beforehand, just send bitcoin when you want to pay your bills. Your keys, your coins, your bills paid.


    Pay bills easily

    We will assign your payees a unique bitcoin address. All future payments to that bitcoin address will be automatically converted to dollars and your bill will be paid.


    Preserve your privacy

    You can use bitcoin with a Lite Account (email address and password) to make up to $3,000 bill payments in a single day as long as each transaction is less than $995.


    Live on bitcoin

    Keep your sats in your stack for longer! You can spend on your credit card and pay that credit off with one single bitcoin transaction each month. This indirectly allows you to use bitcoin to pay for virtually anything!

    Embrace Financial Independence

    Join the Automatic Self-Custody platform that is built to enable your independence. Empower your bitcoin journey with Bitcoin Well.

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