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Hear Adam explain the vision for an organization set to enable independence. Bitcoin Well exists to make bitcoin easy for every-day people. Download the most up to date investor deck or ask Adam directly for more information.

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Bitcoin Well exists to enable independence

Bitcoin is the most important technology since the internet, and offers individuals the ability to hold and control over their money.

Bitcoin Well exists to help individuals realize that benefit by making bitcoin safe and easy to use.

Join the mission to enable independence and become a shareholder.

Bitcoin Well

How does Bitcoin Well enable independence?

We have developed an ecosystem of bitcoin-focused products that help people buy, sell and use bitcoin.

    Bitcoin is sound money that individuals can “hold” directly, but it is difficult to use for the average person.

    Custodial exchanges allow users to trade derivatives of bitcoin, but ignore basic bitcoin principles like usability and self-custody.

    Banks allow users to use fiat for every-day items, but ignore bitcoin and do not allow for full user-custody.

    We solves these problems and allow the user to have the convenience of modern banking with the benefits of bitcoin.

Creating the Bitcoin Super Company

Over the next quarter century, we have our sights set to build a company that enables independence through multiple operating businesses that touch Bitcoin in one way or another. These businesses might include:

    Bitcoin education

    Bitcoin media

    Bitcoin mining

    International remittances

    Bitcoin infrastructure

We determine which area to focus on by asking ourselves three questions:

    1. How do we enable maximum independence?

    2. How do people interact with money?

    3. How can we integrate bitcoin?

Currently, Bitcoin Well operates two business units: Bitcoin ATMs & Bitcoin Portal

Bitcoin ATMs

    • Established in 2014

    • 10 - 20% transaction fees

    • Proprietary software

    • Stable cash flowing business unit


Bitcoin Portal

    • Established in 2022

    • 1 - 2% transaction fees

    • 50% Q over Q growth

    • High growth business unit set up to scale


Embrace Financial Independence

Join the Automatic Self-Custody platform that is built to enable your independence. Empower your bitcoin journey with Bitcoin Well.