Sell bitcoin safely

Sell bitcoin in seconds directly from your self-custody. Your Bitcoin Well account gives you a safe path from bitcoin in your wallet to dollars in your bank.

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Hassle-free bitcoin selling

Lock in your fiat gains the moment you decide! We assign you a unique bitcoin address that automatically converts bitcoin into dollars. The best part? Dollars are sent directly to your bank.

    Secure large bitcoin transactions

    Want to sell more than $50,000? We can help you make large transactions, directly from your cold storage. Contact our team to get the process started. We’ll respond within a few business hours (not days).

    Sell Bitcoin
    Sell Bitcoin
    *Canada for now

    Lite Accounts; to protect your privacy

    You can use a Lite Account (email address and password) to sell bitcoin and receive up to $950 per transaction. You can sell up to $3,000 per day with a Lite Account.

    • Lite Accounts have a 2% spread. No other fees.

    Benefits of selling with Bitcoin Well


    Fastest way to get dollars

    Save the dedicated bitcoin address from your Bitcoin Well Account to easily go from bitcoin in your self-custody to dollars in your bank.


    Sell from self-custody

    No account funding is required! Once we receive your bitcoin it is automatically converted to dollars and sent straight to your bank account.


    Get more dollars

    We charge 1% (2% with a Lite Account) for you to sell bitcoin and receive dollars in your bank. No hidden or other fees!


    Privacy preservation

    You can sell bitcoin before you have fully verified your Bitcoin Well Account. Transactions up to $950 do not require full verification.

    (currently only available in Canada)

    Live on bitcoin

    Use your bitcoin anywhere. Send us bitcoin and select the bill you want to have paid. We’ll take care of the rest. We can facilitate most credit cards and household bills.

    Embrace Financial Independence

    Join the Automatic Self-Custody platform that is built to enable your independence. Empower your bitcoin journey with Bitcoin Well.

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