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Why use bitcoin to pay your bills?

No need to keep a balance!
Live bank-free.  Using bitcoin to pay your bills gives you the ability to control your wealth in its entirety
Buy bitcoin with cash

Front run the merchant adoption of bitcoin. Use the existing payment system and then pay your credit cards with bitcoin at


Preserve your privacy.
Recipients do not see that you paid in bitcoin 


Can I use other cryptocurrencies?

While we only sell bitcoin, you can pay your bills with other cryptocurrencies by visiting our legacy bill payment service


Do I have to verify my identity?

No! You can pay your bills (up to $1,000/day) without verifying your identity. Make an account and try today!

Where can I ask questions?

For specific questions we recommend you work with Looking Glass Education. For general information, read our blog or sign up for our newsletter!

Can I buy gift cards?

Yes! This is done from your Bitcoin Portal. This can be done before you verify your account (anonymously.)

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What are the fees?

A 1% spread is added to the market price of bitcoin when you use bitcoin. We do not charge any other fees. 

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Can I refer my friends?

YES! Please do! From your dashboard you will find your referral code to share with your friends. At this time there are no rewards (other than the reward of orange-pilling your friends).

Create an account that enables you to use bitcoin

Use the bitcoin in your wallet with safety and ease. 

Future-proof your money with a Bitcoin Well account

Image showcasing a mock-up of a user interface displaying the question 'How much bitcoin can you buy?' with options to select the desired amount. This user-friendly interface enables easy and convenient purchase of Bitcoin in Canada using Interac e-Transfer. Explore the world of cryptocurrencies and securely buy Bitcoin with this intuitive platform.

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