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Learn how bitcoin was designed to enable the sovereign individual
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Bitcoin is
designed for the sovereign individual

Censorship Resistant

The Bitcoin network lives outside of any central authority or government reach. This is made possible due to the decentralized nature of the bitcoin protocol. There are thousands of companies and individuals that help keep the Bitcoin network decentralized through a process called “mining”. If government overreach and monetary policy is a concern for your wealth, bitcoin might be a suitable alternative to ensure your sovereignty isn’t impacted. 


Self-custody capabilities

For the first time since stuffing cash in our mattresses, bitcoin gives us the ability to hold onto our wealth directly. The war on cash is worrisome for any concerned about the potential of government blocking access to funds held within government reach (not that we’ve seen that before – 🚛). Holding bitcoin in your direct custody allows you to keep your money safe and ensure you will always have access to it when you need. Talk to our Bitcoin Specialists to learn about self-custody.

Protocol, not program

Because the Bitcoin network is a protocol and not a program or platform, it cannot be stopped. A direct comparison is the Internet vs Google. Central authorities can (and do) crack down and censor Google, but it is impossible to sensor the internet protocol. This is a key differentiator from every other form of digital money on the planet, the protocol was designed to run with or without companies behind it. Of course, companies (like Bitcoin Well) make it easier to use, but are not necessary to your bitcoin journey.


The Bitcoin Well Advantage

Considering bitcoin as a part of your financial portfolio is not a “one and done” decision. It is a journey. Bitcoin Well has an entire ecosystem of products and services tailored to each part of that journey. 

  • Online
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • Personal Services
OnlineBitcoin ATMsPersonal Services
Speed30 secondsInstantImmediately upon receipt of funds
Rates0.21%VariableTiered: 1-2%
PrivacyID RequiredID Required
Payment MethodsVisa Debit, e-TransferCashCash, Bank transfer, Bank Draft, Bill Payment
LimitsUp to $3,000No limitsNo limits
Learn moreLearn moreLearn more

Bitcoin Discovery Program

Enjoy these benefits with the Bitcoin Discovery Program:

  • Dedicated Bitcoin Specialist to ask questions about security, best practice and more
  • Initial bitcoin wallet set up and exploratory bitcoin wallet session
  • Training and step-by-step introduction to our products and services
  • Access to ongoing group and individual education opportunities

Dive straight into your bitcoin journey. Enter your email below and your Bitcoin Specialist will reach out and begin tailoring a free Bitcoin Discovery Program just for you!

Bitcoin Infinite Program

Enjoy these benefits with the Bitcoin Infinite Program:

  • Dedicated Bitcoin Specialist to request quotes and execute trades
  • Convenient payment methods to allow for fast transactions in large quantities
  • Access to our proprietary portal to facilitate large bitcoin transactions autonomously
  • Account specialist to offer white glove service and be your one-stop-shop bitcoin partner


If you don’t want to waste any time, and are ready to jump into the world of infinite possibilities, enter your email below and a Bitcoin Specialist will get back to you shortly.


Make an account - maximum independence


Frictionless experience. 

Send dollars, get bitcoin. Send bitcoin, get dollars – without even signing in. 


Instant transactions. 

Bank to bitcoin (and back) in less than 30 seconds. Stack sats faster than ever before.



Purely non-custodial. 

This means you are in control. Your wallet, your custody, your bitcoin – always.


Bitcoin for beginners free training sessions

Join us for a free, interactive discussion to learn about bitcoin and blockchain technology with one of our Bitcoin Specialists.



Why bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a provably scarce asset that holds a value based on the work required to produce it. It is censorship resistant at its core thanks to the protocol that governs the technology. Sign up for the Bitcoin Academy, a self-guided 6 module course to learn more!

What is the difference between bitcoin and other crypto like Ethereum?

Bitcoin is the only truly decentralized cryptocurrency, to the point where the separation between bitcoin and crypto is widening by the day. Most other cryptocurrencies were “pre-mined”, a process where the founders allocated tokens to themselves without abiding by the rules of the protocol. Interestingly enough, in 2023 the securities administrations view most cryptocurrencies as “securities” where they see bitcoin as a commodity. 

How can I get started?

Book an appointment with our team of Bitcoin Specialists if you have questions you would like to get answered. 

What are the minimums to get started?

Bitcoin Well is able to facilitate a wide range of transactions from as little as $20 to over $1,000,000. Your bitcoin journey is unique, and we want to meet you where you are. 

Can I purchase through my business?

Yes! We love it when businesses add bitcoin to their balance sheet. The process is very similar for small businesses and individuals to purchase bitcoin. If you are looking to purchase bitcoin with your business funds we will require your articles of incorporation alongside your identity verification. From there, the process (and white-glove-service) is exactly the same!


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