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Bitcoin is confusing enough, our pricing isn’t.
No withdrawal fees, no account fees, no hidden fees, ever. 
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1% flat - the lowest in the country
The fastest and safest way to buy, sell and use bitcoin. Our online bitcoin portal helps you integrate bitcoin into your lifestyle.
Image showcasing a mock-up of a user interface displaying the question 'How much bitcoin can you buy?' with options to select the desired amount. This user-friendly interface enables easy and convenient purchase of Bitcoin in Canada using Interac e-Transfer. Explore the world of cryptocurrencies and securely buy Bitcoin with this intuitive platform.

How does Bitcoin Well compare to others?

  • Non custodial
  • Spread charge
  • Withdraw charge
  • Trading
Non custodialSpread chargeWithdraw chargeTrading

Bitcoin Well

Beaver Bitcoin0%0%1.5%
Newton1.15%User pays0%
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Updated Dec 6, 2023

What is the difference between spread, withdraw and trading charges?

  • Spread charge – the difference between the cost of a bitcoin when you buy or sell
  • Trading fee – the cost to make a transaction
  • Withdraw charge – the cost to take custody of your funds in your personal wallet

Bitcoin Well does not charge any additional or hidden fees.
We make our money on the spread between our customers that buy and sell bitcoin.

What does non custodial mean?

Non custodial is the distinction between where your bitcoin goes after your transaction. A custodial platform will keep your bitcoin and only give them to you when you request a withdraw (often with a fee). A non custodial platform will send your coins directly to you. Read more in our blog post here.

Bitcoin Well is non custodial and delivers your bitcoin as soon as you buy them

OTC trading desk


Add bitcoin to your financial portfolio safely. The online bitcoin portal can facilitate large bitcoin transactions directly from your bank’s bill payment network.
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Bitcoin ATMs

Designed with privacy in mind.

Visit our ATM map to find specific pricing at each location. 
Bitcoin Well ATM
  • Online 🇨🇦
  • Bitcoin ATMs
  • Online 🇺🇸
Online 🇨🇦Bitcoin ATMsOnline 🇺🇸
Speed30 secondsInstantUp to 72h
PrivacyID RequiredID Required
Payment Methodse-Transfer, Bank transferCashBank transfer
LimitsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
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