Bitcoin Savings Plan

Use the dollar cost average strategy to buy bitcoin on a recurring basis. Our Bitcoin Savings Plan is the only true “set-it and forget-it” method without linking your bank account. The Bitcoin Savings Plan is better than any recurring buy method you’ve ever used.


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Bitcoin Savings Plan

Keep your bank details private

No need to connect your bank directly. Simply set up a recurring bill payment from your bank account and let us handle the rest. 


No need to keep a balance!

No balance

You do not need to keep a fiat balance! Simply set up a recurring bill payment with your bank to dollar cost average into bitcoin

Safely hold bitcoin, private keys

The safest way to
buy bitcoin

Use the Bitcoin Savings Plan to buy bitcoin frequently and automatically have it sent directly to your cold storage wallet. 

Dollar cost average bitcoin to protect your purchasing power

Bitcoin protects your purchasing power

Bitcoin Well helps you buy bitcoin safely

Bitcoin’s monetary supply is fixed and predictable. Contrary to fiat currency (the Dollar), bitcoin is mathematically programmed to preserve your purchasing power over longer periods of time.

Bitcoin Well offers you the ability to buy bitcoin, frequently, with the Bitcoin Savings Plan

Start your bitcoin journey and preserve your wealth today!

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Limited vs limitless

How to set up the Bitcoin Savings Plan

(in the safest way possible!)

1. Select recurring buy from your dashboard and input your dedicated Bitcoin Savings Plan bitcoin address

2. Copy your unique Payee Details

3. Login to your bank account and select “Recurring Bill Payment”

Buy bitcoin with cash

4. Watch (fiat) money leave your bank and appear in your bitcoin wallet

Non-custodial bitcoin

the most important function

Bitcoin Well is a strictly non-custodial bitcoin platform. We have been since we opened our doors in 2013. This means we never hold your bitcoin or cryptocurrency, and make sure  you are well equipped to take custody of them yourself (it’s not that scary!). This business practice means regardless of whether or not we are around, you will always have access to your bitcoin. Here’s an article explaining the difference in detail.

Non-custodial infographic


We never hold your bitcoin. You are in control of your funds at all times and we make sure you are equipped to do so. Our job is to build products that enable you to use your bitcoin with ease and safety.

Custodial exchange graphic


Custodial services hold onto your money, you must ask for permission to withdraw your bitcoin. Custodians are also infamous for losing customer funds, which makes them a risky place to store your bitcoin.


Do you sell other cryptocurrencies?

We only sell bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only token that has proven to be secure, decentralized and ultimately worth your time. Click here to learn more.


Do I have to verify my identity?

Yes. We cannot process anonymous transactions due to the high degree of fraud capable within the fiat system. 

Where can I ask questions?

For specific questions we recommend you work with Looking Glass Education. For general information, read our blog or sign up for our newsletter!

Can I use my bitcoin?

Yes! You can buy gift cards to most major brands or pay your bills with your bitcoin from your Bitcoin Portal. This can be done before you verify your account (anonymously.)

Rocket blasting off, bitcoin surrounds

What are the fees?

0.5% is added to the market price of bitcoin when you buy. We do not charge any funding,  withdrawal or other fees. 

Orange pill capsule with bitcoin logo

Can I refer my friends?

YES! Please do! From your dashboard you will find your referral code to share with your friends. At this time there are no rewards (other than the reward of orange-pilling your friends).

Create a bitcoin account you can count on

Set yourself up to buy bitcoin directly from your bank today. 

Bank to bitcoin, easier and safer.

Image showcasing a mock-up of a user interface displaying the question 'How much bitcoin can you buy?' with options to select the desired amount. This user-friendly interface enables easy and convenient purchase of Bitcoin in Canada using Interac e-Transfer. Explore the world of cryptocurrencies and securely buy Bitcoin with this intuitive platform.

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