Buy bitcoin with cash

Buy bitcoin with cash up to $25,000 from our Bitcoin ATMs

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Buy bitcoin with cash
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Private under $1,000

Buy bitcoin privately with cash at our Bitcoin ATMs. With 270+ Bitcoin ATMs across Canada, find one close to you for convenient and private bitcoin transactions.

Min: $20 | Max: Up to $1,000/transaction
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Image of a Bitcoin ATM by Lamasu. Our Bitcoin ATMs facilitate cash transactions for buying Bitcoin with cash, supporting transactions up to $25,000. For transactions exceeding $1,000, identification verification is required.

Cash under $25,000

Our Bitcoin ATMs can accommodate cash transactions to buy bitcoin with cash in transactions up to $25,000. Identify verification is required for transactions over $1,000.

Min: $20 | Max: Up to $25,000
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Image of the Bitcoin Well office, where our Bitcoin Specialists are available to help you buy Bitcoin with cash transactions over $25,000 at our Edmonton and Calgary locations. Speak with a Bitcoin Specialist today to explore cash-based Bitcoin purchases.

Cash over $25,000

Our Bitcoin Specialists can help you buy bitcoin with cash over $25,000 at our locations in Edmonton and Calgary. Talk to a Bitcoin Specialist today to buy bitcoin with cash.

Min: $25,000 | Max: No limit
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How to buy bitcoin with
a Bitcoin ATM

Here’s a video that demonstrates how to buy bitcoin with cash using a Bitcoin ATM

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The Bitcoin Well Advantage

Considering bitcoin as a part of your financial portfolio is not a “one and done” decision. It is a journey. Bitcoin Well has an entire ecosystem of products and services tailored to each part of that journey. 

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Speed30 secondsInstantOn funds release (up to 24h)
PrivacyID RequiredID Required
Payment Methodse-Transfer, Bank transferCashBank transfer
LimitsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
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Non-custodial bitcoin

the most important function

Bitcoin Well is a strictly non-custodial bitcoin platform. We have been since we opened our doors in 2013. This means we never hold your bitcoin or cryptocurrency, and make sure  you are well equipped to take custody of them yourself (it’s not that scary!). This business practice means regardless of whether or not we are around, you will always have access to your bitcoin. Here’s an article explaining the difference in detail.

Non-custodial infographic


We never hold your bitcoin. You are in control of your funds at all times and we make sure you are equipped to do so. Our job is to build products that enable you to use your bitcoin with ease and safety.

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Custodial services hold onto your money, you must ask for permission to withdraw your bitcoin. Custodians are also infamous for losing customer funds, which makes them a risky place to store your bitcoin.

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