Multiple bitcoin payment options

Cash, e-Transfer, Visa Debit, bank transfer, gold, bullion…

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Illustration of different payment methods offered by Bitcoin Well

Multiple payment methods

Interac e-Transfer

Use Interac e-Transfer to instantly buy or sell bitcoin directly with your cold storage wallet. No account funding or complicated order books. Just pure bitcoin, in the fastest and safest way possible.

Min: $20 | Max: Up to $3,000/transaction
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Our ecosystem of products allow you to use cash to buy bitcoin with no extra processing charges! You can visit any of our Bitcoin ATMs or use a Bitcoin Specialist to buy bitcoin with paper money. 

Min: $20 | Max: No limit
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Pay your bills

Pay your bills with bitcoin! Now you can sell bitcoin and have your bills paid all in one transaction. Select your bill payee, enter the account number and send bitcoin. Using bitcoin for your everyday financial needs has never been easier. 

Min: $100 | Max: No limit
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Visa Debit

Use Visa Debit to instantly buy bitcoin directly to any bitcoin address. Enter your address, enter your card details, buy bitcoin. 

Min: $20 | Max: Up to $1,000/transaction
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Wire Transfer

Use your Bitcoin Well account to buy bitcoin in large transactions. You will have the option to pay with wire transfer, which is required for transactions over $3,000. Additional fees may apply.

Min: $3,000 | Max: No limit
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Bill payment network
(coming soon)

Use your online bank’s bill payment network to buy up to $100,000 in bitcoin with your Bitcoin Well account. Coming soon.

Min: $3,000 | Max: $100,000/transaction
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Non-custodial bitcoin

the most important function

Bitcoin Well is a strictly non-custodial bitcoin platform. We have been since we opened our doors in 2013. This means we never hold your bitcoin or cryptocurrency, and make sure  you are well equipped to take custody of them yourself (it’s not that scary!). This business practice means regardless of whether or not we are around, you will always have access to your bitcoin. Here’s an article explaining the difference in detail.
Non-custodial infographic


We never hold your bitcoin. You are in control of your funds at all times and we make sure you are equipped to do so. Our job is to build products that enable you to use your bitcoin with ease and safety.

Custodial exchange graphic


Custodial services hold onto your money, you must ask for permission to withdraw your bitcoin. Custodians are also infamous for losing customer funds, which makes them a risky place to store your bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Well Advantage

Considering bitcoin as a part of your financial portfolio is not a “one and done” decision. It is a journey. Bitcoin Well has an entire ecosystem of products and services tailored to each part of that journey. 

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Online 🇨🇦Bitcoin ATMsOnline 🇺🇸
Speed30 secondsInstantUp to 72h
PrivacyID RequiredID Required
Payment Methodse-Transfer, Bank transferCashBank transfer
LimitsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
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