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The convenience of modern banking
with the benefits of bitcoin

A few words from our Founder and CEO 

Hear Adam explain the vision for an organization set to enable independence. Bitcoin Well exists to make bitcoin easy for every-day people. Download the most up to date investor deck or ask Adam directly for more information.

Our why. We exist to enable independence through the convenient control of bitcoin.

Bitcoin is the most important technology since the advent of the internet, and offers individuals the ability to hold and control over their money. Bitcoin exists to help individuals realize that benefit by making bitcoin safe and easy to use.

Future proof money, hold, trade, use

Our what.

We future-proof money by making bitcoin useful to everyday people. 

  • Bitcoin is sound money that individuals can “hold” directly, but it is difficult to use for the average person
  • Custodial exchanges allow users to trade derivatives of bitcoin, but ignore basic bitcoin principles like usability and self-custody
  • Banks allow users to use fiat for every-day items, but ignore bitcoin and do not allow for full user-custody
  • Bitcoin Well ($BTCW) solves these problems and allows the user to have the convenience of modern banking with the benefits of bitcoin

Our when

The roadmap of products and services

Payment rails to buy and sell bitcoin, visa debit, interac e-transfer
Quarter 4, 2022 graphic
Cheapest/best fees in Canada, buy and sell bitcoin
Quarter 1, 2023 graphic
Bitcoin savings plan, recurring buy, USA international expansion
Quarter 2, 2023 graphic
Bitcoin Well rewards program
Quarter 3, 2023 graphic

Our path to success

Creating an ecosystem that gives customers the convenience of modern banking with the benefits of Bitcoin.
  • Existing Bitcoin ATM business that produces cash-flow
  • Now expanding with a second business unit to rival online exchanges like Coinbase
  • Technology designed to future-proof money by making bitcoin useful to everyday people
  • Public listing on TSX.V (BTCW) and OTCQB (BCNWF)
Rocket blasting off, bitcoin surrounds

2023 Annual Shareholders Meeting

Photo of Luke Thibodeau, Bitcoin Well's CFO

Luke Thibodeau


Luke Thibodeau has successfully led high-performing accounting and finance teams throughout his career. His financial background includes tenure at both MNP LLP, and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”). Mr. Thibodeau earned his Chartered Professional Accountant (“CPA”) designation from the CPA Western School of Business in 2020, and his Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (“CAMS”) designation from the ACAMS institute in 2021. In addition to this, Mr. Thibodeau became a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) charterholder in 2022.

Photo of Adam O’Brien, Bitcoin Well's founder and CEO

Adam O’Brien

Founder & CEO

Adam is a leading advocate for education, consumer protection and the decentralization of financial services. Since 2013 Adam has grown an ecosystem of products and services that make bitcoin accessible. Adam serves as Co-chair of the Fintech Committee for the Canadian Blockchain Consortium. He is recognized as a visionary in the field and strives to bring bitcoin to the mainstream making them easy, approachable and accessible for all.
Photo of Dave Bradley, Bitcoin Well's CRO

Dave Bradley


Dave Bradley is widely considered one of the leading experts in Canada on bitcoin and blockchain technology. Prior to his current role, Dave founded the world’s first bricks-and-mortar bitcoin store and co-founded the successful company, Bull Bitcoin, which is Canada’s longest-serving bitcoin brokerage. He also serves as a Vice President for the Canadian Blockchain Consortium.

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