So you want to buy bitcoin at an ATM?

Put your cash in.
Get your bitcoin and go.

Our ATMs are the only way for you to receive bitcoin instantly with a cash payment.

Your Bitcoin ATM in three steps

Use Bitcoin Well ATMs to buy bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrencies. Simply scan your QR code, insert your cash, and boom, you’ll receive your bitcoin.
Before you visit an ATM, you will want to set up a digital wallet. Don’t have one? Learn how to set up WellWallet!

Please note, you will need to insert a minimum of a $20 bill before moving forward with your transaction. If you are going to make a transaction over $1,000, simply verify your identity before going to your machine here . If you’re at a machine and need assistance, contact us.

How to use a bitcoin ATM

First time at a Bitcoin ATM? You’re in for a treat. Here’s your step-by-step guide.

      Look, a map of Bitcoin Well ATMs! Neat!

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