Bitcoin super company

The Bitcoin Super Company – a Bitcoin Well vision

The mission

As you’ve heard me say time and time again, Bitcoin Well exists to enable independence. And, as you can tell by our name, we do this by making software that makes it easy to buy, sell and use bitcoin. Our products give you (the customer) convenient control of bitcoin. Which is really convenient control of your money… something we haven’t had for generations. 

As I fixate more and more on this mission, I have been realizing that convenient control of bitcoin isn’t enough. If it were we could have stopped at Bitcoin ATMs, they offer convenience and privacy wrapped up in a non custodial delivery system. But we didn’t stop there. 

We launched the Bitcoin Portal to facilitate the fastest way to buy bitcoin online. Using Canada’s Interac e-Transfer payment method you can go from your bank to real bitcoin on the blockchain in less than 30 seconds. No account funding, no order books or liquidity drama. Just pure bitcoin, directly from your bank. It’s magical. A little like your money escaping the confines of fiat and being saved in sound money. We have the fastest and safest platform in Canada… but we didn’t stop there. 

Our mission demanded that we take our self custody bitcoin practices to the USA. Not just allowing customers to withdraw their bitcoin, but forcing the newly purchased bitcoin to be sent to the customer’s personal bitcoin wallet immediately. No extra steps to withdraw bitcoin! Instead automatic “withdrawal” of bitcoin. Self custody by default. 

And that brings us to here here… and I’ve been thinking…

The vision

The mission to enable independence demands more. Bitcoin Well (specifically the public company with the business units mentioned above) has absolutely nailed the ability to turn dollars into bitcoin, and bitcoin into dollars. But, there’s more to independence than that. Not to mention, owning and controlling bitcoin in 2024 is akin to email or surfing the web in the early days; its technically demanding and a little clunky. 

I think this tweet embodies our mindset perfectly. I spend time IRL helping “normies” (people that haven’t dedicated their life’s work to bitcoin adoption) using bitcoin properly and watch as they struggle and where they need help. I also use bitcoin myself on a daily basis and take notes where I get frustrated with the existing tools that exist. 

All of those learnings go into the discovery and roadmap discussions at Bitcoin Well and we end up with incredible, normie friendly products to help people use bitcoin. 

But, I’ve come to the conclusion that our mission is too important to stop at basic “on and off ramp”. Bitcoin Well, the public company that you own a piece of, is going to be so much more than a fleet of Bitcoin ATMs and a Bitcoin Portal. It will be so much more than the ecosystem those two products create. It will be a Bitcoin Super Company.

The Bitcoin Super Company

What is more than on and off ramp you might ask? What could be more to bitcoin than buying and selling bitcoin? The answer is simple; everything. 

The Bitcoin Protocol gives humanity the single greatest opportunity at a peaceful revolution. It is not “a” independence tool, it is the independence tool. Our job is not just to help with the acquisition of this freedom money, but to help integrate it into the lives of all individuals. 

Need help with self custody? The Bitcoin Super Company has a company for that!
Interested in sovereign media and education? 
The Bitcoin Super Company has a company for that!
Want to transact peer to peer? 
The Bitcoin Super Company has a company for that!
Want to earn automate your savings in bitcoin? 
The Bitcoin Super Company has a company for that!
Mining exposure? 
The Bitcoin Super Company has a company for that!
Need to send money to your family across the world? No problem.

Granted, this won’t all be on day one, but have patience. We will be appropriately gauging all opportunities that help bring the Bitcoin Super Company to life. We, you and I, are setting the stage for what our grandkids will look back on as the early days of the revolution that gave people freedom from fiat. Our company, the one that you use and have the opportunity to own, is on the forefront of that revolution. 

Lean in, offer feedback, share with your friends. Join the ride and be a part of shaping the future of humanity. The next 10 years are going to be an incredible journey as we band together and build the Bitcoin Super Company. 

Stay sovereign 🫡

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