How to change mobile wallets

Over the next few hundred words I will be walking you through how to change mobile wallets by extracting  and importing your seed phrase from an existing mobile wallet into a new mobile wallet. In this example I will help you migrate from WellWallet to another mobile wallet. Any mobile wallet! 

Why would I actively show you how to migrate away from one of our products? In short, I don’t want our users to use our mobile wallet. Frankly, I think our product shines brighter when you use a wallet you are comfortable with. We are focusing our attention and resources towards building you the best portal to buy, sell and use bitcoin. You can store it wherever you like.

I find this to be safer than leaving your coins in the hands of someone else. Anyways, if you want to read more about my philosophy there I’ll write more later, follow me on medium (where my philosophical thoughts go).

Copy your seed phrase

Take your time! This is sensitive

The first thing you need to do is get your seed phrase from WellWallet. To do that you need to:

  1.  Select the wallet from the WellWallet Home Screen
  2. Hit the vertical ellipsis in the top right hand corner. 
Well Wallet screenshot

Next you will expose your seed. Please note, you are importing this to a different wallet and you need to keep your seed phrase safe. Do not take screenshots or record this process, you will be exposing access to the bitcoin that you hold in this wallet. 

To do this safely, get a piece of paper and a pen and follow this process (it should only take 5 minutes or less):

  1. Select “Backup master recovery phrase”
  2. Read the process and select “Let’s do it now!”
  3. Read the warnings and select “Let’s do it now!”
  4. Once you are ready to write down your phrase, select “Show my master recovery phrase”


Again, DO NOT share this screen with anyone (no matter who they are, not even your mom!). After you write down your seed words you can back out of the screens by selecting the “back arrow” in the top left corner. 

If you select “I have written it down” the app will prompt you to verify you have written it down properly, which is unnecessary if you are moving wallets. 

Import your seed phrase

Next, go to your new wallet. I will use BlueWallet in this example. When you open the wallet you should see “Add a wallet” (or something equivalent on a different app). From here, most apps prompt you to create a new wallet, you’ll want to import a wallet.

  1. Select “Add now”
  2. Select ‘import wallet” at the bottom of the screen
  3. Enter your seed phrase that you wrote down from WellWallet
  4. Click import and let the app do the rest!

Afterwards you will see the transaction history and balance that you had in WellWallet and you will have successfully changed mobile wallets.

Screenshot of a mobile bitcoin wallet

And that my friends, is the power of self custody.

As we look to remove WellWallet services and remove the app from the App/Play Stores over the next month you will be required to move your wallet balances from one self-custody app to another and change mobile wallets. 

We are building all of our services to embrace bitcoin in its fullest intent. Self-custody money. Whether you want to buy, sell or use bitcoin, it is empowering to have full control over our money.

Stay sovereign,

Adam 🫡

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