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Founder & CEO of Bitcoin Well. Since Adam found bitcoin in 2013 he has been passionate about making it accessible and understood. Recently, Adam's attention has shifted towards making bitcoin usable. Future-proof your money at

LocalBitcoins shutting down

LocalBitcoins Alternatives

You may have seen the news that LocalBitcoins is shutting down. To be honest, this news took me by surprise. Their official response on their twitter identified what lots of my industry colleagues are feeling. As a result, you may be looking for some LocalBitcoins Alternatives to buy bitcoin and sell bitcoin. Some of my very …

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Bitcoin Wallet

How to change mobile wallets

Over the next few hundred words I will be walking you through how to change mobile wallets by extracting  and importing your seed phrase from an existing mobile wallet into a new mobile wallet. In this example I will help you migrate from WellWallet to another mobile wallet. Any mobile wallet!  Why would I actively …

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Sats: The Smallest Unit of Bitcoin

Sats: the smallest unit of bitcoin While winding down last night, I overheard my teammate discussing a Bitcoin-related project. His friend, unfamiliar with Bitcoin, asked about “Sats.” Realizing this might be new information for others too, I decided to share what I know. Understanding bitcoin and satoshis A common misconception is that you must buy …

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Ponzi Schemes: Don’t Be A Victim

Ponzi Schemes: Don’t Be A Victim At Bitcoin Well, our goal is to provide a secure and reliable environment for our customers. We strive to prevent harm and fight against fraud in all its forms. Lately, we’ve noticed customers eager to invest in a potential Ponzi scheme called NovatechFX. If you’re involved with this scheme …

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what gives money its value

What gives money its value?

Disclaimer: this article is provided for general information and entertainment purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, tax, legal or accounting advice. Honestly, we keep squirrels up our nose and claim them as dependents on our tax returns. In the public arena of financiers and investors, a key criticism used to denounce bitcoin is …

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