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Buy bitcoin with cash.
The private way to buy bitcoin.

A Bitcoin ATM is the only way for you to buy bitcoin with cash; instantly.

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Self-custody bitcoin

You can use any bitcoin wallet to buy bitcoin from a Bitcoin ATM. We recommend you send bitcoin directly to a cold storage wallet if you don’t need the bitcoin right away. Otherwise, use a mobile wallet at the Bitcoin ATM. 

Insert cash into ATM


Cash can still be useful

A Bitcoin ATM can help you buy bitcoin with cash in any denomination. Transactions are virtually limitless and instant. You can go from cash to bitcoin at a Bitcoin Well Bitcoin ATM with as little friction as possible.

Receive bitcoin directly to your own wallet safely


Real bitcoin, on the blockchain 

When you buy bitcoin with cash at a Bitcoin Well Bitcoin ATM you are benefiting from non-custodial bitcoin practices by default. This means you get real bitcoin, unlike the majority of bitcoin exchanges.

How to use a Bitcoin ATM

First time at a Bitcoin ATM? Here’s your step-by-step guide.

Bitcoin Well ATM, learn the benefits of why to use them

Benefits to using a Bitcoin ATM

A Bitcoin ATM is a convenient way to buy bitcoin with cash. Some of our Bitcoin ATMs are also enabled to sell bitcoin for cash.

Bitcoin ATM users benefit from:

  • Privacy
  • Security
  • Convenience
  • Self-custody
  • Speed

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