Buy Bitcoin In Person

      Minimum Purchase: $5,000 | Maximum Purchase: NO LIMIT

      If you prefer to chat with a human, face to face, during the process Bitcoin Well has you covered! Simply Click Here to find your nearest location.

      Pay Bills & Credit Cards

      The safest, fastest, and easiest way to pay all your bills and credit cards with cryptocurrency.

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      Buy Gift Card

      Have some extra sats? Need a gift card? We have Gift Cards from Canada’s leading brands that you can purchase with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency. It’s nice to cash in on some HODLgains and treat yourself. When you buy a gift card we have it delivered to your email for your online use within minutes.

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      Host an ATM

      Increase foot traffic and generate some passive income for you and your business by hosting a Bitcoin ATM with Bitcoin Well. Allowing your customers to purchase Bitcoin in the fastest and safest way possible.

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      Daily Minimum Purchase: $20 | Daily Maximum Purchase: $1000
      Weekly Maximum: $2500

      Bitcoin Well offers a fast easy method for acquiring Bitcoin online through the use of a Flexepin Voucher.

      Step 1: Buy a Flexepin Voucher

      Use the Flexepin Location Finder to find a location to purchase a voucher with cash or buy online with

      Step 2: Purchase Bitcoin Using Your Flexepin Voucher

      Enter your Flexepin Voucher PIN below to start the buying process.

      Buy Bitcoin with flexepin

      Click here to purchase ETH, LTC, or BCH.

      Accept Bitcoin at your store

      Give your customers the option to pay in Bitcoin. Our free, easy to use crypto-processing system will leave your customers impressed and excited to use their bitcoin at your establishment.

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      We do more than just Bitcoin

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