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Your Bitcoin Well account helps you to instantly buy or sell bitcoin online.

No account funding, no order books, just real bitcoin directly to and from your custody.

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Instantly, or recurring?

Your Bitcoin Well account enables you to buy bitcoin instantly with Interac e-Transfer, or on an ongoing basis with our Bitcoin Savings Plan


Buy bitcoin in the fastest and safest way possible with an instant purchase. Enter your bitcoin address, send an e-Transfer and you’ll receiving bitcoin within 30 seconds. Simple, fast and safe, the way bitcoin should be.


Dollar cost average into bitcoin with our Bitcoin Savings Plan. You’ll be able to set-it and forget-it without giving us your bank details, or giving up custody of your funds. This is recurring buy, but with you in control.

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Benefit from a frictionless experience.

You can send dollars and get bitcoin. Or, sell bitcoin and get dollars. All of this is possible without even signing in.  Interact with bitcoin online with ease.

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Enjoy instant transactions on the blockchain.

Go from bank to bitcoin (and back) in less than 30 seconds. Your Bitcoin Well account helps you stack more sats faster than ever before.

Safely hold bitcoin, private keys


Protect your coins with a non-custodial. 

This means you are in control. Your wallet is your full custody. The bitcoin in your wallet are safe – always. Buy bitcoin online safer than anywhere else in the country.

Start your bitcoin journey in 3 easy steps

Start your bitcoin journey with Bitcoin Well

Sign up and verify your account

Required time: < 2 minutes

Setting up an account with Bitcoin Well is fast and simple.

After you create a username and password, you will be asked to verify your account. We need to verify you to ensure our platform protects against fraud and remains in legal compliance.

When you choose to verify your account, you will be redirected to our 3rd party compliance provider to verify your identification and liveness check in real time. You will need:

  • Driver’s license/picture identification
  • Liveness check (with your smartphone)

Once you upload your identification document through our secure third-party service, you will be asked to verify your identity by taking a selfie.

After completing these two simple tasks, you will have full access to buy Bitcoin in the safest way possible!

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Add your wallet address

Required time: < 10 seconds

This is the most important distinction between your Bitcoin Well account and most of the other platforms you might be used to using.

When you buy or sell bitcoin at Bitcoin Well you automatically benefit from a non-custodial experience. This means we never hold your funds and send your bitcoin straight to you (ideally to your cold storage wallet!)

As part of the buying process, you select the amount of bitcoin you want to buy and then enter the wallet address you want to send that bitcoin. We send your bitcoin here as soon as your payment is received.

This wallet address will be automatically saved to your account and all future transactions will be sent here by default (unless you choose to add a new address in the future!)

Always input a wallet address that you have full control of.
Not your keys, not your coins!
Buy/sell bitcoin with interac e transfer

Send e-Transfer and receive bitcoin!

Required time: Instant!

Your Bitcoin Well account is the fastest way to buy bitcoin.

Once you enter your bitcoin address, we will assign you unique e-Transfer details.
These details stay the same for your account which makes it even easier to buy bitcoin in the future.

Immediately after you send an e-Transfer we send to your bitcoin wallet address instantly.
Because your e-Transfer details are unique and stay the same, buying bitcoin in the future is even easier!

After your first transaction, all e-Transfers sent to Bitcoin Well will be automatically converted to bitcoin and sent to your previously used bitcoin address.
You can buy bitcoin online, without logging in!

How long does it take to sign up?

It takes ~30 seconds to claim your welltag and access your dashboard and ~3 minutes to verify your account.

Why do I need to verify my account?

As a registered money-service business (MSB), Bitcoin Well is regulated by FINTRAC and required to comply with relevant KYC/AML policies. Our verification process also helps us protects users from identity theft and fraud.

What are the rates?

We offer competitive rates that update in real-time and can be viewed at any time in your dashboard. We do not charge any additional or hidden fees.

The Bitcoin Well Advantage

Considering bitcoin as a part of your financial portfolio is not a “one and done” decision. It is a journey. Bitcoin Well has an entire ecosystem of products and services tailored to each part of that journey. 

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Online 🇨🇦Bitcoin ATMsOnline 🇺🇸
Speed30 secondsInstantOn funds release (up to 24h)
PrivacyID RequiredID Required
Payment Methodse-Transfer, Bank transferCashBank transfer
LimitsNo limitsNo limitsNo limits
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