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Purely non-custodial. This means we send your bitcoin directly to you, on the blockchain, instantly. No account funding or complicated order books – just bitcoin to your wallet.  Your keys, your bitcoin; always.


Bank to bitcoin in less than 30 seconds. Your Bitcoin Well account allows you to stack sats (bitcoin) faster than anywhere else in the country.


After your first transaction, your bitcoin journey gets even easier. Future e-Transfers sent  from your banking app can auto-convert to BTC and be sent directly to your wallet, without even logging into your Bitcoin Well account.

Future-proof your money

We are creating an ecosystem of products to give you the convenience of modern banking with the benefits of bitcoin. Make a free account today and see how Bitcoin can change the way you look at money; forever.

Non-custodial infographic


We never hold your bitcoin. In other words, we’re non-custodial. This puts you in control of your money which is the first step towards financial sovereignty.

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Custodial services hold onto your money, forcing you to ask for permission to use your money. Even with the best of intentions, custodians are subject to government overreach, malicious attackers among other threats. Your bitcoin are safer where Satoshi envisioned them, in your sole control.

Custody matters

Learn about the differentiator between custodial platforms and Bitcoin Well.

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