The Bitcoin Savings Plan for your business

The Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) offers employers a unique opportunity to pay their team in bitcoin! This is something 62% of Canadians say they will want by 2027.

Sign up in 2 minutes (with no obligation!) and start enabling your employees to become financially sovereign!

What is the Bitcoin Savings Plan?

The BSP allows you to pay (and match!) your employees in bitcoin. The BSP fits seamlessly into your current payroll and benefits procedure, or can act as a standalone benefit. It allows your employees to turn after-tax compensation into bitcoin that they can hold, sell, or use as they wish. 

The BSP is flexible and can be structured to fit your organization’s needs with these options:

  • Voluntary contributions
  • Employer matched
  • Non-contributory
  • Remuneration of staff in bitcoin

How does it Work?

1. Employee enrollment 

Employees self-register through an enrolment form provided by Bitcoin Well. The form looks like this.

2. Easy payment and invoicing

Bitcoin Well invoices your organization and debits the payment directly from your account on your predetermined payment date.

3. Bitcoin is delivered directly to employee wallets

On payday, Bitcoin Well sends each employee their bitcoin straight to their own wallet. We handle absolutely everything.

Why the Bitcoin Savings Plan?

Benefits for the employer

  • Future-proof your organization by offering this unique benefit to your employees. 
  • Boost employee participation in employer-sponsored savings plans and encourage younger Canadians to save for retirement.
  • Foster a culture of bitcoin literacy within your company

Benefits for the employee:

  • Easy, one-time setup
  • Adjustable contributions
  • Access to continuous bitcoin education
  • Reduce the impact of price volatility through
    Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA)
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