Buy bitcoin with e-Transfer

Bitcoin Well offers the easiest, fastest and safest way to purchase bitcoin online with e-transfer.

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The fastest, safest way to buy

You already use Interac e-Transfer to easily and securely send money to people. Now it’s the perfect way to upgrade your money to the world’s most popular digital currency.

Buy right from your bank

Once you have set up your first e-Transfer transaction in your Bitcoin Well account, you can make future e-Transfer bitcoin purchases directly from your banking app. 

The fastest, safest way to buy bitcoin

Buying bitcoin can be a complicated process with many steps and hurdles. With Bitcoin Well, you can purchase bitcoin faster and with fewer clicks than any other option.

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We never hold your bitcoin. In other words, we’re non-custodial. This is the safest way to buy and sell anything—especially cryptocurrency.
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Custodial services hold onto your money – you must ask for permission to use your own money. Custodians are also infamous for losing customer funds, which makes them a risky place to store your bitcoin.

Open an account you can count on

“e-Transfer is the ultimate way to buy bitcoin. It takes two minutes to set up the first buy, and then every purchase can be done straight from your banking app. Tap-and-buy bitcoin? Yes please!” 

– You, in a minute

How to use e-Transfer

We like making handy how-to videos. Here’s one that demonstrates how to use your Bitcoin Well account to buy bitcoin using Interac e-Transfer.

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