Bitcoin Savings Plan

Use a dollar cost averaging approach to bitcoin investing and create generational well-th.

Okay, but what even is a Bitcoin Savings Plan?

Did we just make up a bunch of words? Nope. The Bitcoin Savings Plan (BSP) provides opportunities for employers and individuals to purchase bitcoin little by little, on an ongoing basis. By dividing up the cost of your investment over time, the BSP uses Dollar Cost Averaging to protect you against volatility (and emotions).

Bitcoin Savings Plan

You set the recurring amount and frequency. We make sure the payment goes directly to your wallet. Don’t have a wallet? We can help – find step-by-step instructions here. Invest 5 minutes today to save for tomorrow.

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BSP for Business

Let’s talk about talent acquisition. Hiring and keeping superior people increases team morale and reduces costs. In today’s competitive employment market, workers are looking for unique perks in their total compensation. Enter: The Bitcoin Savings Plan for Businesses.

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What exactly is financial sovereignty?

Here at Bitcoin Well, we envision a world where future generations have a healthy relationship with money. Everyone deserves to take full ownership and control of their well-th. You own the asset. And the monetary policies should be clear. And that’s the beauty of Bitcoin. It’s maintained by a decentralized network of users around the world. There isn’t a bank or one person up at the top. It is a system that empowers you—whether you’re an individual or employer helping your team to be in complete control of their finances.

Not all exchanges work this way.

And that’s one reason we’re so passionate about being a non-custodial business. We will help change your relationship with well-th for the better. Here’s a video that explains that. The BSP is your introduction to simple bitcoin investment. As you put bitcoin on the balance sheet, the BSP guides you through the program so you can see the path forward.
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