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Nick Szabo is a computer scientist, legal scholar and cryptographer known for his work in digital currency and digital contracts. He graduated in computer science from Washington University in 1989, and earned a JD from George Washington University Law School after that.

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In 1998 Szabo created a digital currency called “Bit Gold”, it only remained on paper and was never put into action; even though it was never implemented, alongside Hashcash it laid the base for the Bitcoin Protocol. Because of his work on Bit Gold, Szabo has been suspected of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous founder of Bitcoin. Szabo has denied being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Even though no proof has been provided to prove that Szabo was in fact Satoshi Nakamoto, some people still believe that Szabo, potentially alongside others, was going under the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. Szabo keeps his personal very private, he does give speeches about Bitcoin and offer consulting services, but you will have a hard time finding even finding his age online.

Nick Szabo is also known to have created the term “smart contract” almost 20 years before the existence of smart contracts. In his article “Smart Contracts: Building Blocks for Digital Free Markets” Szabo explains contracts and how smart contracts could be used in the future. Szabo is still involved in the cryptocurrency community and has given speeches and even features on the Tim Ferris Show.

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