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Mark Karpeles is the former CEO of Mt.Gox, the biggest Bitcoin exchange up to 2014. Karpeles, who was also known online as MagicalTux, was born and raised in France and was a software developer and network administrator before he acquired Mt.Gox in 2011. Karpeles ran the company from 2011 until February 2014, when the company claimed bankruptcy, after being hacked for over 850.000 bitcoins.

Even though the exchange claimed that the bitcoins had all been lost because of the hack, a lot of people still believe that the company had been incompetent and had lost many coins before they got hacked; some people even doubt Mt.Gox ever got hacked. Prosecutors believe that Mark Karpeles spent as much as $3 million of customer funds for personal matters.

Mark Karpeles got imprisoned in august 2015 on suspicion of having accessed the company’s computers to falsify information regarding the outstanding assets of the company.

Since the value of bitcoin increased so much since the company is now solvent in dollar terms and can refund all of it’s customer at approximately $500 per bitcoin held. The CEO of the exchange is now free and did an AMA on Reddit a few months ago, answering a lot of questions from former creditors and just curious people.

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