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This is our weekly blog going through all major news that happened during the previous week. Here are the main news of the week:

The Price

Price last week: $6700 US

Price this week: $7700 US, up 14%

The price increased by $1000 dollars, a 14% increase in value from the $6700 US it had been in the last 2 weeks. No significant news seem to be responsible for the price jump, but a noticeable difference from previous price jumps this year is that most other cryptocurrencies are not rising along with Bitcoin.

Lightning Network

The Lightning Network, the solution that is set to allow Bitcoin to scale to thousands of transactions per second, continues its growth. It has reached a network capacity of 100 bitcoin, with over 10.000 channels between users. The new network capacity is over triple of what the capacity was just less than a month ago

Robin Hood Giveaway

Robin Hood (the movie) is partnering with Robinhood (the app) to give away $50.000 worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at the San Diego Comic-Con. You can learn more about the giveaway here.

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