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Bitcoin has been around since 2009, but not
many people knew about Bitcoin back then. The original Bitcoin whitepaper was sent
out by Satoshi Nakamoto, to a cryptography mailing list, and out of all the
people on that list only Hal Finney decided to really look into it. All the other people on the mailing list
were not interested at looking into Bitcoin; many attempts to create a
decentralized digital cash had been tried before, and most of the people became
cynical according to Finney.

Finney was the first person to mine
bitcoins after Satoshi (he mined block 78) and he was also the first person to
be the recipient of a Bitcoin transaction.The first Bitcoin transaction between two
people happened at block 170 between Satoshi and Hal, the transaction was for 10

More transactions had been sent from
Satoshi after that, but the Hal Finney one was the first transaction ever and
the only one to have a known recipient. At the time of the transactions bitcoins
didn’t even really have value, the coins were not worth anything at all.

Even though the coins were not worth
anything, Hal told Satoshi he would send the coins back, but forgot to send the
coins back before Satoshi’s disappeared in december 2010.

Satoshi has not made a public post since and
Hal died in 2014 from ALS.

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