Bitcoin is for everyone. We help everyone use bitcoin

Bitcoin is doing to money what the internet did to communication. Making it more accessible, more inclusive and easier for individuals to take control of what matters to them. 

We have been here since the start. Bitcoin Well is committed to fostering a world where bitcoin is easy to use and understand. We’re here for the long haul, and have been for 10+ years.

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Our Purpose

Enable Independence.

Our Niche

Convenient control of bitcoin.

Empowering a safer way

What is a non-custodial bitcoin company? To put it simply, we enable our customers to interact with the bitcoin protocol. The same way your email provider enables you to interact with the SMTP (email) protocol.

 What does that mean? It means we never hold your bitcoin. This is the safest way to buy and sell anything—especially cryptocurrency. You are the only one who has possession of your assets. When you buy or sell with Bitcoin Well, you’re in full control. We’re just here to help you use bitcoin in the most convenient way for you.

Moving Canadians 🇨🇦 and bitcoin forward

Our ecosystem of bitcoin products expands across 3 major product categories:

  • Personal Services
  • Online Portal
  • ATMs

Each category offers something a little different. Are you looking for a little extra help to get started? Visit our Bitcoin Specialists with a complimentary 1:1 session. Looking for the fastest and safest way to buy bitcoin from then comfort of your own home? Make an account and go from bank to bitcoin instantly. Maybe you are hoping for a more private experience? Find and use one of our 250+ ATMs across Canada.

Meet our CEO, Adam O’Brien 👋

It started with curiosity. When people in chat rooms began discussing the new digital currency of the future, Adam O’Brien wanted—no… he needed to get a closer look. In the early days, buying and selling bitcoin wasn’t what it is now. Deals took place in sketchy back-alley transactions or by wiring money to some offshore bank. And if the coins you purchased showed up in your wallet, it would take weeks before they did.

Adam learned firsthand how difficult it was to buy and navigate the emerging cryptocurrency world. But where others saw roadblocks, Adam saw opportunity. Or in this case, an enormous gap in the market. With that, he set out to create a bitcoin company that cares about its customers’ custody.

The first bitcoin ATM in Alberta

While only a portion of our business today, Bitcoin ATMs shaped the non-custodial business we currently operate. In early 2014, when Adam deployed the first Bitcoin ATM in Alberta, it gave the province a way to buy bitcoin in the fastest and safest way possible. Soon after, he did the same for Saskatchewan. And as that network and our software capabilities continued to grow, so did Adam’s drive to make bitcoin faster and safer to buy, sell, and use, both in person and online.

As we build our personal services and online products we are constantly comparing it to the early days of buying and selling bitcoin. “How can we make it safer? Faster? Easier?” are common questions you hear our dedicated teams asking on any given day at our Headquarters in Edmonton, AB.

About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Bitcoin Well was founded in 2013 in Canada. Adam started doing over-the-counter trades in coffee shops until he became a regular at Tim Horton’s and decided it was time to open an office. We launched Alberta’s first Bitcoin ATM in February 2014 and quickly moved to launch Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATM in May of the same year.
We took the orange pill—which means we love Bitcoin and everything it stands for: freedom and independent well-th. Bitcoin allows the average consumer to take power over their finances and ensure they are not susceptible to centralized-banking failure. We aim to educate as many Canadians as possible about the benefits of owning bitcoin and enable true financial freedom.

WE BLEED MAPLE SYRUP! Well, not really. We bleed blood. But we do drink our Tim Horton’s with our pet moose and say oot and aboot. Sorry. We are proud to employ a team of Canadians and aspiring Canadian permanent residents. We are true, north, strong and focused on the Canadian Bitcoin and cryptocurrency future. That said, we are also growing a lot and will operate around the world one day. Our headquarters is based in Edmonton, Alberta. If you like long, dark, and cold winters, you’ll love it here! 


At Bitcoin Well, our guarantee is to future-proof your money. Our products and services allow customers to buy bitcoin easily. Bring your finances into the future and self-custody your well-th.
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